Style Shifting: Decoding How People Connect

Similar to great bilingual speakers who can “code switch” from one language to another, successful negotiators are able to shift their style in diverse and unpredictable situations.  This is how they are able to connect to and motivate people from varying cultures and backgrounds.  Dr. Walch will share the hidden tools to lead and negotiate more effectively when we are conscious of our own “codes,” expectations and values.

This presentation outlines how different values and cultural norms (i.e. national, organizational, or business unit) can derail the best strategic intentions.  Dr. Walch presents the practical steps to use style shifting in order to lead, negotiate and collaborate effectively despite disruptive and uncertain circumstances.

Increased work place diversity requires us to be able to shift our negotiation style, typically when we are least emotionally prepared for it – due to anxiety, uncertainty and stress.  This presentation will allow you to become more confident in your interaction skills and ability to make positive social connections. 

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Style Shifting: Decoding How People Connect
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