Karen S. Walch, Ph.D., is a highly experienced educator, author, speaker, lecturer, and consultant who brings a unique insight to the areas of international negotiation, cultural competencies, and global mindset. Dr. Walch has several decades of experience in various business and academic contexts, including: insurance, law, tourism, aquaculture, security studies, and MBA graduate education. 
Dr. Walch has spoken and worked in over 40 countries such as: Saudi Arabia, China, India, Japan, Spain, Israel, Germany, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico to deliver her noteworthy presentations. She provides a number of services to businesses, governments, and institutions as detailed below. 

Executive Education Experience 


Dr. Walch can provide you with in-depth educational courses, retreats, and coaching (online and face-to-face) for: negotiation as a leadership competency; cross cultural communication; conflict management; and leadership skills development. 

Speaker & Guest Lecturer  


Dr. Walch is a highly skilled speaker and a highly experienced lecturer who has spent the vast majority of her working life teaching. Whether it be for keynote speeches at conferences, workshops for corporations and their employees, a seminar as a guest lecturer, or other events, Dr. Walch can offer you her insight into leadership competency, cross cultural communication, conflict management, leadership skills development, and cross-cultural collaboration. 

Media Expert  


Dr. Walch has been invited to join several panels as a subject matter expert to discuss topics related to cultural competency, power and self-interest in 21st century negotiation situations, and specifically dealing with the challenges of cultural adaptation and change. 



Dr. Walch can provide needs assessment, design and delivery of global negotiation initiatives, coaching and mentoring programs, and debrief and review of the impact of educational and behavioral change in development programs.