"Unlike the typical negotiation book, Dr. Walch focuses on the mental preparation required for the negotiator to achieve peak performance using a strategy of cooperation. Her extraordinary insight into the state of personal awareness required to instill a culture of trust and honesty into the bargaining process will transform the way professionals negotiators approach deal making."

Keld Jensen

Author of SMARTnership: The Third Road - Optimizing Negotiation Outcomes and

The Trust Factor: Negotiating in SMARTnership

The Power of Understanding

Acanthus Publishing 2013 by Karen S. Walch, PhD

Managing an organization or a team demands the relentless pursuit of equilibrium during a perfect storm of competing internal and external demands. Twenty-first century executives are increasingly reliant on our ability to problem-solve with our peers, manage conflict, and create added value from politically volatile situations. 
Implementation of the concepts articulated in this book will enable you to: 
• Reframe your thinking and perception so that you are centered in your powerful potential and able to strategically leverage it to get more of what you need. 
• Use the Power of Understanding approach tactically and strategically to get what you want, including sustainable personal and professional relationships. 
• Transform in an instant and throw the switch to become the Self-Actualized Advocate to advance your interests. 
• Improve your self-interests and achieve a state of power as never experienced before. 

(out of print)

Lulu Press 2012 by Karen S. Walch, PhD.

Seize the Sky: 9 Secrets of Negotiation Power explores the secrets of power central to your negotiation success. You can immediately enhance the leverage to work with others to achieve your goals. You will learn the limits of classic coercive power practices of manipulation and deception tactics. In contrast, this mastery guide uncovers the power of understanding method which unleashes vital energy, creativity, and stamina to achieve satisfying and lasting results.

Seize the Sky:  9 Secrets of Negotiation Power

Maximizing Business Results with the Strategic Performance Framework: The Cultural Orientations Guide

By Lynne Elaine Putz, Joerg Schmitz, and Karen Walch
The broad understanding of culture offered in this book enables a constructive perspective on a wide spectrum of leadership challenges, such as leading a cross-functional project team, integrating two or more organizations, and assuming an executive role in a foreign subsidiary. The revamped Cultural Orientations Model frames key cultural differences through the dimensions of interaction style, thinking style and sense of self, capturing the behavioral, cognitive and emotional imprint of cultural conditioning. 
Insights into culture in this book are backed up by the latest discoveries in the field of social neuroscience. Scenarios, case studies and exercises are provided throughout the book to help readers put them into practice. 
This sixth edition is as useful to students of culture’s impact on business and performance as it is to savvy business leaders and practitioners. It offers a theoretically well-grounded and eminently practical approach to one of our time’s most urgent and recurring leadership challenges. 

Training Management Corporation

May 2014, 157 pages


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Quantum Negotiation:  The Art of Getting What you Need, 2018


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Quantum Negotiation Program

SMCOV 2015 by Karen S. Walch, Joerg Schmitz, Stephan Mardyks and David Covey


The Quantum Negotiation Program is a certification for individuals to administer and to debrief the Quantum Negotiator Profile and to facilitate the Advanced Learning Lab on negotiation skills development. Quantum Negotiation certified facilitators will gain a thorough understanding of the Quantum Negotiation Program and Lab for high impact global negotiations.


The Quantum Negotiation Program