Masters of Energy:  Harness Your Full Negotiation Power

Leaders who harness and use energy are able to accelerate value creation and motivate others to accomplish shared goals.  This energy is not what heats our offices or powers our servers, but the complex and powerful force that shapes human or organizational performance.  Leaders with powerful negotiation skills are able to not only manage their own energy, but also harness the energy of others at just the right time. 

The right application of energy (push, pull or disengage) can either make or break a successful project, venture or partnership.  For example, the right application of pull energy can establish a positive relationship and help uncover key information during the preliminary phase of a negotiation.  Push energy can be used to define positions and proposals clearly, concisely and with conviction, which is the driving force behind complex projects and ventures. 

Dr. Walch reveals the most appropriate times to use these different types of energy and how best to implement them. She shares the specific signs to look for to know when it is time to disengage.  Through clarity and anchoring of energy, leaders are able to be buoyant in their behavior to create optimal value.

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Masters of Energy:  Harness Your Full Negotiation Power