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Karen S. Walch Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert in cross-cultural negotiation and understanding, with over 20 years of experience, is a leading voice internationally in the areas of global negotiations, global communication, cultural competencies, international diplomacy, and international political economy.

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The Influential Leader: Negotiating For Maximum Impact
Style Shifting: Decoding How People Connect
for Success: Effective Preparation for Projects and Negotiations
Masters of Energy:  Harness Your Full Negotiation Power

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Paul Kinsinger


Mega Trends/Strategy and Leadership Development

Karen S. Walch


Social Interaction and Leadership Development

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What Got You Here Will Leave You Here

Explore how this Era of Disruption is dramatically different than living in a “VUCA” world – where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity reign. The dawn of exponential times promises to deliver 10x and higher benefit only if we can reinvent our organizations and ourselves for new ways of leading, thinking, and relating.

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The Quantum Negotiation Program

The Quantum Negotiation Program is a certification for individuals to administer and to debrief the Quantum Negotiator Profile and to facilitate the Advanced Learning Lab on negotiation skills development. Quantum Negotiation certified facilitators will gain a thorough understanding of the Quantum Negotiation Program and Lab for high impact global negotiations. 

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