Nearly all of our human interactions – problem solving, conversing, influencing, collaborating – require us to negotiate. Yet, most of us are completely unaware that we live in a constant state of negotiation. As a result, we default to sub-optimal strategies and fall short of achieving the results we truly desire. Based on decades of global research, Dr. Walch reveals the keys to mastering negotiation to become a more influential leader and confident individual.  

Unpredictability, speed, tension and performance demands require us all to think and act instinctively at the peak of our abilities. In the past, when people tried to improve at negotiation, they took aim at increasing thinking, cognitive and tactical skills.  However, research has shown that in order to truly excel you must go beyond skill development and tactical training.

Dr. Walch’s revolutionary negotiation insights are drawn from the fields of social neuroscience, anthropology and quantum physics.  You will learn how to apply our multiple human intelligences to negotiation practices, increase satisfaction in your outcomes and experience resilient confidence. Anchored in clarity, you can negotiate with buoyancy for maximum impact.  

The Influential Leader: Negotiating For Maximum Impact

The Influential Leader: Negotiating For Maximum Impact
Style Shifting: Decoding How People Connect
for Success: Effective Preparation for Projects and Negotiations
Masters of Energy:  Harness Your Full Negotiation Power